Bush Trail Rides

Our incredible Bush Trail Riding includes wonderful scenery, and regular sightings of bird life and wildlife. You get to enjoy a feeling of being completely away from the hustle and bustle of city life, despite being only a 20 minute drive from Durban Central!

Especially suited towards days when the wind is too strong to go to the beach, days when the beaches are too crowded, and for those wanting a more budget horse experience. Our bush trail rides are enjoyed by all.
For these bush rides, we are willing to take children from as young as 5, and our weight limit is extended to 85kgs.

All our rides, including the bush trail options, are accompanied by at least 1 experienced guide to keep our guests safe and on the correct trail. Before the trail starts, you will be shown the basics of how to ride, and all along the trail the guide will be happy to help you learn more horse riding.
Our guides will also do their best to point out anything of interest in the bush, from chameleons to unusual plants, as well as all the birds that frequently get seen on our trail.

Large group riding through bush

Horse Experience – Bush Trail

Girl on horse in bush

Info: This is a great starter experience, and very well suited for team building. Arrive at our farm for a “Meet and Greet” of the horses, if you are keen on brushing and learning to saddle up you can join us in getting them ready to ride. Then go for a +- 1 hour Bush trail. Upon return, we supply you with light refreshments of juice, water and chips.
Pax: 2 to 7 clients
Duration of Experience: 1.45hrs
Cost: R450pp

Bush Trail and Picnic in the Forest

Couple having simple picnic in the bush

Info: This Package is great for those wanting to celebrate. Arrive at our farm and get signed in. Go for a 45 minute bush trail. Upon return to our farm, you are handed a picnic basket filled with yummy foods and a picnic blanket and directed to a nice spot in the forest for a +-1 hour picnic (all the food is ready to eat). Groups from 2-7 persons.
Duration of experience: 1.45 hours
Cost: R550pp

The Secret Garden Ride

Luxurious picnic in the forest. Enjoyed after a relaxing bush trail.

Info: This has been specifically designed with romantic couples in mind. Take a 45-60 minute bush trail on horseback from our farm. Upon return, we point out a chalk board with your names; as you follow the foot trail from the chalkboard through the trees, and around a corner you come to a “Secret Garden” style luxurious decorated picnic surrounded by bush and forest.
Includes: Picnic Blanket and cushions, hearts and silk roses for decor, other romantic decor, rose petals, some light draping to soften the “rustic” effect, and your picnic meal. Spend about an hour enjoying your meal and if you wish, having a few photos taken, and then head off to your next exciting adventure.
Duration of experience: 1.45 hours
Costs: R2500 per couple

Group riding though wild flowers on a bush trail

I never knew there was still this amount of open space in Durban. I truly enjoyed my bush trail riding experience and cannot wait to join you again.


Some of the small wildlife we see on our bush trail are:
* Dwarf Chameleon
* Vervet Monkeys
* Cape Clawless Otter
* Banded Mongoose
* Red Mongoose
* Blue Duiker
* Nile Water Monitor (Leguaan)

Some of the birds seen regularly on our bush trail rides are:
* African Fish Eagle
* Crowned Eagle
* Malachite Kingfisher
* Pied Kingfisher
* Burchell’s Coucal
* Bee Eater
* Grey Heron
* Goliath Heron
* Crowned Crane
* Spurwing Goose
* Egyptian Goose

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