Special Occasions

There are so many special occasions that Horse Riding on the beach is perfectly suited to. From the “WILL YOU MARRY ME” moments, to the “WEDDINGS”, from “SPECIAL OCCASION GIFTS” to “VIDEO AND PHOTO SHOOTS” and “TEAM BUILDING”, we do them all! We are also willing to tailor make a special ride to suit your occasion.

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Team Builds & Larger Groups


Buy your loved ones a unique gift or use it as a prize, - Horse Riding Tickets, available as Our Non-top Beach Ride, our Picnic and Swim with the Horses ride or the Deluxe Picnic and Beach Ride. Perfect for anniversaries and other special times.

These are valid for up to 3 months and cannot be redeemed for cash. They can be kept for yourself to use on a sunny day, given as a gift, or even sold.

All our regular Terms and Conditions apply.

Costs from R300pp