Bush only Trails

We have redesigned our Bush trail riding experience (no beach).  With a gorgeous trail, this ride is sure to be a favourite.
Especially suited towards days when the wind is too strong to go to the beach, days when the beaches are too crowded, and for those wanting a more budget horse experience.
For this ride, we are willing to take children from as young as 5, and our weight limit is extended to 85kgs. 


Horse Experience
This is a great starter experience, and very well suited for team building. Arrive at our farm for a “Meet and Greet” of the horses, if you are keen on brushing and learning to saddle up you can join us in getting them ready to ride. Going for a +- 1 hour minutes Bush only trail. Upon return, we supply you with light refreshments of juice and chips.
Groups from 2-7 persons.
Duration of Experience: 1.45hrs
Cost: R400pp



Bush Trail and Deluxe Picnic in the Forest
Arrive at our farm and get signed in. Go for a 1 hour bush trail.  Upon return to our farm, be directed to a picnic blanket and picnic basket awaiting you in the forest for a +-45 minute picnic (all the food is ready to eat).
Groups from 2-7 persons.
Duration of experience: 1.45 hours
Cost: R500pp



The Secret Garden Ride
This has been specifically designed with romantic couples in mind. Take a +-1 hour bush trail from our farm. Upon return, we point out a chalk board with your names; follow the path from the chalkboard through the trees, around a corner to a “Secret Garden” style luxurious decorated picnic. Includes Picnic Blanket and cushions, hearts and silk roses for decor, other romantic decor, rose petals, bouquet of roses, some light draping to soften the "rustic" effect, and your picnic meal.
Spend 45 minutes enjoying your meal and if you wish, having a few photos taken, and then head off to your next exciting adventure.

Duration of experience: 1.5 hours
Costs: R2300 per couple

Photo ShootBringing out the Celebrity in You

This package brings a whole new level of special to you.  Spend 45 minutes to an hour, wearing evening wear, cowboy outfits, fancy dress or anything you want to, use some of our props, and of course the horses and the gorgeous rustic shed, bush and forest for a photo-shoot that is worthy of the golden globes.

Cost: You can choose to add this into any of the above packages for R800 (for 1-4 persons) or do only the photo shoot for R1000 (for 1-4 persons, using 2 horses).

Includes: Horses for 45 minutes -  1 hours at photo shoot location. Handlers to help you with the horses. Props such as cowboy hats and signs. Professional photographer. Disc of photos as well as one photo from your day printed and framed to be collected about 21 days after your ride.

Optional: Get your package couriered to you at an additional R150.