Many people ask us why we have such a strict and such a relatively low weight limit of 80kgs. We also understand that most men are at a healthy weight of 75-100kgs. 


Although some horse riding establishments will allow a higher weight limit, we have chosen not to for a few reasons 

  1. It has been said that a horse can easily carry up to 20% of its weight, however if you are 75kgs, can you imagine taking a 15kg bag of rice for a 12km hike, much of which is on soft beach sand? Well we certainly would not want to unless we are extremely fit, likewise we would not ask the horses to do so. 

  1. We work a lot of the time using natural horsemanship. One of these things includes being very in tune with the horses’ abilities. In times past we have felt what is 5kg to such a large animal and have attempted to bend the rule (we try to be reasonable), however when doing this using usually placid and calm horses, the horses started unexpectedly “acting up”. Shying at things they were used to and bucking for no apparent reason. We carefully watched this phenomenon with a number of our horses and let them tell us what is their comfortable maximum. Thus some horses will remain gentle until they have more than 60kg, others 70 or 80kgs. 

  1. Due to the above explanations, it is for your very own safety that we will not allow  above certain weight limits onto our horses. If we were to attempt even a 3 or 4kg bending the rules, our normally gentle and calm horses may throw you off, resulting in your getting injured. As we regard safety as a priority, we will not allow this, even if you think you are willing to take that risk. 

In conclusion, we know that this restriction does turn away many clients, however to keep the quality of our rides as high as they have been over the past 20 years, it is a necessary step. 



Because each client deserves the very best service, we will only do a ride for you if you have pre-booked. We also will only do farm tours by arrangement as we are very busy. Therefore casual or unannounced visitors are not permitted. Therefore once you have booked, we have confirmed your booking, and payment has been made, we will send you detailed directions. Until we have sent you those directions, please know that your booking is NOT CONFIRMED and therefore we will not accommodate you if you just arrive.


We are however based in Durban South, between Amanzimtoti and the Bluff, right near the old Durban Airport. We are situated 2km off the freeway.

Estimated driving times:

  • Umhlanga +-30 mins

  • Durban City Center +-20 mins

  • Pavilion +- 20 minutes

  • Amanzimtoti +-15 minutes

  • Balitto +-45 minutes

  • Pietermaritzburg +- 1 hour

  • Scottburgh +-35 minutes


We need to ensure that we can accommodate you before you make payment. Because once you have made a payment, it is non-refundable. Therefore we need to make sure the dates you have requested are available, the correct horses are available for each person in the group and that the right guides are available for you before we can confirm your ride.




We are a working farm with a very small staff of 4, and occasionally 2 or 3 volunteers. Therefore, we are not always in the office. We are often out in the fields working with the horses, on a ride, in the car or otherwise unavailable. None of us are perfect, and thus if you phone in with your details we will not remember it by the time we are back in the office.

If you text, whatsapp or email us with all your details, we will have it in writing so we don't forget essential information and thus can better assist you.